I Still Don’t Like Suites

I used to get frustrated that I was forced to use MS Excel because I bought the Microsoft Office Suite. I always liked Quattro Pro, and really wanted to mix-n-match my application software… As you can guess, that approach didn’t work out too well for me. There were simply too many features that could be had when they put those products together, and that ‘combined synergy’ was vastly superior to my personal selection plan approach.

Now we’re seeing the same thing happen with the soon to be released web-tool suites — the Google Docs of the world. And I find myself looking once again towards that mix-n-match possibility.

What if I don’t want to be tied to another one-stop-shop? Can I choose Ajax Write, Dabble DB, and Gliffy? And if I do, will they only get bought out by another multi-billion market cap enterprise?

Great for those companies, but not always great for me, the user. It’s pretty rare for companies to come out of those acquisitions unscathed, and (to be honest) I typically bolt soon thereafter anyways…. Let’s just hope that the goliaths of the world were watching with the Yahoo purchase of Flickr. It’s rare that a brand & audience are treated so well.


  1. I’ve been using Gliffy for a while and really like it. There’s a competitor out there called Cumulate Draw. It doesn’t have the features as Gliffy but doesn’t need Flash. I’ve just written a review at my blog. My blog is to uninstall ALL applications from my desktop and replace it with online tools. Check the review out at: