Melvil Dewey Rolls in His Grave – Part Deux

Ms Dewey

Ms Dewey, the next generation of search engines, was released this week. Rumour has it this is from MSN. Watch as Ms. Dewey flirts and cajoles you to type in a search. Try these or make up some of your own:

American Idol
Britney Spears, Angelina Jolie (or anyone else really famous)
Janina Gavankar
what’s your sign?
Howard Stern

You have to try some of these 2 or 3 times. Hours of fun, but definitely not for the whole family. She has a number of intros as well, so worth visiting multiple times.

I don’t know which is scarier: where this could take future web tools, or how dumbed-down our research is becoming.

Excuse me….she’s demanding I run another search.

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  1. Also try:


    Any other good ones? Okay, okay. I’m shutting it down now!

  2. Interesting programming

    They were clearly expecting:

    How rich is Bill Gates
    How smart is George Bush
    What is Truth

    A neat gimmick

    BTW she is completely flummoxed by the question “who are you” – just kept going round and round in the thinking mode

  3. okay, okay. A few more:


    (the last two have several responses for each)

  4. Oh man oh man, I’m all Dewey-eyed. Er. I mean… interesting.

    I think she’s pretty funny. I love the lasso thing and the knocking on the screen. But I came up 0 every single time. I think it’s bust.

  5. Oh my. Ms. Dewey doesn’t seem to play well with Firefox. Definitely not the same experience as with IE!

  6. To my embarrassment, I showed this site to my wife (who really is a reference librarian) and Ms. Dewey did nothing for 5 minutes but preen. No answers were forthcoming, so this one is solidly in the cute gimmick category.

  7. I really did see her give answers, honest! They pop up to her left (our right). I seem to be able to get her to work at the office, but not at home. Hmmm…

  8. The answer to life, the universe, and everything

  9. Oddly, she seems to work (Yes, Simon C, she does work, though preening is okay by me, too) in Safari on a Mac, but not on the Mac version of IE. As noted before, she doesn’t work in Firefox.

  10. She is working for me in the latest version of Firefox 2.0

  11. She is working for me in the latest version of Firefox 2.0

    Oh and do a search for Toronto

  12. Well, she’s working for me on Firefox. I wonder if perhaps they were having bandwidth issues. She seems to have some new schtick today. In addition to Toronto, try:

    New York
    Chicago (I think the response is related to the movie)
    Los Angeles
    San Francisco