Legislation Act, 2006

On October 19, Ontario’s Access to Justice Act, Bill 14, had Royal Assent, becoming S.O. 2006 c. 21.

This Act includes as Schedule F the Legislation Act, 2006. This is a comprehensive statute on the publication, citation and proof of statutes and regulations (including making e-Laws a presumptively accurate statement of law – no more disclaimers), changes of law (in the absence of decennial revisions), and a revised Interpretation Act. The Legislation Act, 2006, will come into force one year from Royal Assent, unless proclaimed in force earlier (which I am hoping will happen.)

Bill 14 in final form will be here in the next couple of days. (The text as amended in Committee is there, but some sections will be renumbered in the final version.)

The Legislation Act, 2006, will also be on the e-Laws site, though of course on the usual gray background until it is in force. (The Act requires that provisions not yet in force be shown in some distinctive way.)


  1. And included within this pot-pouri of statute-making, Ontario has fixed the problem posed by the prohibition of private ordering instead of fixed limitations periods in the Limitations Act, 2002. See generally J Ziegel, et al eds, The New Ontario Limitations Regime: Exposition and Analysis (Toronto, Ontario Bar Association, 2005)