Firefox 2.0

Simon F. quite likely has it up and running, but I just saw that Mozilla yesterday released Firefox 2. I have yet to download and explore, but I hope to do so later this week. (A 3 year old child’s halloween costume takes priority at the moment, I’m afraid – and I should be, as it is to be “very, very scary”.) I do look forward to checking it out soon; Mozilla’s press release of yesterday reviews several features of the “major release”.


  1. I have ‘a Knight’, ‘Snow White’, and ‘a Dolphin’ going out this year. In case anyone was wondering. :-)

    and, I haven’t installed FF2 yet either.

  2. Took me a few minutes to realize you were not talking about issuing three new software upgrades of your own. :) I was trying to figure out why I hadn’t heard of Dolphin for Windows.

    The very, very scary ghost is harder than it sounds, given that it involves a 7 piece pattern that looks more like a sith lord. Gone are the days of the cheerful pumpkin; that’s for baby sister this year. :)

  3. Halloween definitely beats out everything else in my house…and I don’t have anyone else dressing up but me. Heh.

    In case anyone is wondering, my plan is to be a zombie cyclist. Inspired by Sunday’s Toronto Zombie Walk!

    FF2? Heck, I just got FF1 loaded on….