Ms. Dewey Is Librarian Linkbaiting!

Following up on our Ms. Dewey post, does anyone else feel that Librarian bloggers, and even us here at Slaw, have been duped?

I call pre-meditated linkbaiting! And we took the hook, just like almost every other research or librarian blog out there. We link them up, and some viral marketing guru is sitting in the back room planning his next ‘bait the Librarians’ routine.

So, what’s the deal? are we easy targets?


  1. Viral, baby, it’s viral. Catching. On, that is.

  2. Are librarians easy targets for linkbaiting? Well, sure. Is that likely to change? Probably not, particularly since you get slammed if you don’t provide a link…

    Sure, MicrosoftDewey (what do you think the Ms stands for?) was/is linkbaiting/viral marketing. Worked like a charm–except that it hasn’t resulted in lots of good press for Live Search. Lots of press, though, and “any publicity is good publicity” still seems to work except for elections, and maybe even there.

  3. As expected, accurate & candid points from Walt Crawford. Thanks for dropping by Slaw, Walt. :-)

    I’m also remembering that Onion story a while back that mentioned OCLC by name. No clue if it was intended linkbait, but Librarians linked to it en masse. With the addition of ‘trust’ to Google’s ranking, I wouldn’t be surprised to see more targeting of Library blogs.