Online File Conversion Service

Zamzar offers free online conversion among file formats. For a very wide variety of document, image, sound and video formats they let you upload a file smaller than 100 MB and have its type changed. This will be handy for folks on the road who don’t have access to all of their software — and someone must have a pdf or an rtf version of your data; and, perhaps, handy too for people who don’t have software to perform conversions of audio or video files, or who want to create a thumbnail version of an image. You might not want to send your secret contract negotiations sailing off into the virtual unknown, but if it’s not confidential and also not the right kind, Zamzar may be the answer for you.

By the way, the name is a apparently a turn on Samsa, as in Gregor Samsa, the character in Kafka’s Metamorphosis who was turned into a giant cockroach. I hasten to add that “insect” is not one of the target formats they offer.

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