A Great Idea

Michel-Adrien Sheppard, full-time Library Boy and part-time Slawyer, has a great idea:

Robert Ambrogi, the writer of Law.com’s Legal Blog Watch column and of the Lawsites blog, is conducting an informal poll asking people for the one law-related blog you feel you must read as regularly as possible.

Why don’t all we Canadians write in and suggest Slaw.ca?

See? Isn’t that a great idea?


  1. I did it, but will we qualify when suggesting our own blog?

    …or does the fact that I would read this blog first, even if I wasn’t part of the ‘team’, count for anything?

  2. Well, it is just to inform Ambrogi for his own purposes, so couldn’t hurt. We can always state our alliance in his “comments” section.

    I must say, I read Slaw every day to see what everyone else has to say. I would no doubt be reading it even if I wasn’t a contributor.

  3. He does however state: “No fair naming your own.” But it’s not like we are naming our own individual blogs.

  4. Blogging is all about posting and commenting. I blog on most blawgs. Therefore, I feel all blawgs are mine and yours and theirs. Amongst all “my” blawgs, the one I suggested to Ambrogi is, without a doubt, Slaw!