International Center for Not-for-Profit Law

The International Center for Not-for-profit Law, or ICNL, describes itself thus:

ICNL strives to create a world where civil society can freely develop in all its forms and participate in public decisions. In pursuit of that goal, ICNL’s programs and research focus on promoting an enabling legal environment for civil society and public participation worldwide.

ICNL helps establish the legal framework for a strong and effective global civil society through:

* technical assistance to over 90 countries;
* the expertise of our multinational in-house staff and global network of legal specialists; and
* our partnerships with civil society representatives, government officials, scholars, and business leaders.

Sponsored by a wide range of institutional supporters, including community-based organizations, governments, private foundations, and corporations, ICNL provides valuable resources for strengthening civil society all over the world.

ICNL has an online library:

a searchable directory of key research including Country Laws, General Legal Documents, White Papers, Reports, Legal Opinions, IJNL and more. The online library includes over 1,100 resources from more than 100 countries. Resources can be found in 22 different languages.

In fact it would seem that there are over 1,100 items available in English alone (but only a scant 87 available in French).The 56 items from Canada seem rather dated. It might be worthwhile someone’s helping them update the Canuck section.

You have to register (free) to gain access to the library and to be invited to get the (also free) International Journal of Not-for-Profit Law sent to you electronically.

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