Is Google Evil?

I was sent the link to an interesting, and scary article, in Mother Jones with the title “Is Google Evil”? in which the author claims that Google really operates on the basis of expediency and that it is collecting an amazing amount of personal information about google users.

To quote: ” From the start, Google’s informal motto has been ‘Don’t Be Evil,’ and
the company earned cred early on by going toe-to-toe with Microsoft over desktop software and other issues. But make no mistake. Faced with doing the right thing or doing what is in its best interests, Google has almost always chosen expediency.”

Most of this is not exactly new, but the article presented the case in a succinct and compelling way, and it made me rethink my use of Google as opposed to Firefox.


  1. Neil, I think you mean Yahoo as opposed to Google.

  2. Oh, I think perhaps they have Neil still brainwashed….doesn’t Firefox use Google?