Guide to Foreign and International Legal Citation

The N.Y.U. Journal of International Law and Politics is very pleased to announce the publication of the 1st edition of of its Guide to Foreign and International Legal Citation (296 pages, PDF).

With a nod to Sabrina Pacifici at beSpacific.

Since I posted this, I see that Michel-Adrien Sheppard has also posted about this on his Library Boy Blog and he has provided some comments.


  1. I took a look at this Guide and it is useful for foreign jurisdictions in general, but the section on Canada makes me wonder about its reliablity. to start, the country summary is just plain wrong in many respects, including nomenclature – they weren’t sure if we had Senates in the provincies, for instance. Also, although they do mention the McGill Guide, they refer to the 4th not the 6th edition, and there is no mention of neutral citation at all.

    I would not consider including this as a resource on the law library homepage without further checking or more review comments from the other foreign jurisdictions and will still rely on the Red Book for Canada and the Harvard Guide for things not covered in the McGill Guide.

  2. I think we should pass Neil’s criticism on to them. NYU Law School is one of the top schools in the U.S. For them to get it wrong in this way is poor.

  3. I’m more than happy to do that, Simon, as well as offering them help in revising it appropriately, so I’ll follow up on that.

  4. Washington U law school’s “Global Studies Law Review’ has something similar to this :, the site is currently being updated and may not be available at this moment.

  5. Hi Neil et al.,

    I’m an executive editor at NYU’s Journal of International Law and Politics. We are working to shore up any errors for subsequent editions and are quite interested in any comments any of you would have!

    Your critique is taken and please let us know if you notice any other issues:

    Isaac Cheng
    Exec Ed, NYU JILP