We Win!!! Slaw Is the Top Legal Blog!

Robert Ambrogi says the votes are in, and Slaw is the number one voted law blog!

Many thanks to everyone who participated. Those are some mighty fine comments!

And yes, we did ‘beat the bushes’, but this was the extent of our beating. Plus, the fact that this site gets 60k unique visitors a month from all over the world, might have helped too. :-)


  1. Oh ok, only 60 people in total came out to vote, and it’s not indicative of anything, but hey, we finally won something! Maybe I should change the title of the post to ‘We put a big ‘ol Canadian dogpile on Robert Ambrogi’s contest’ ?

  2. Hey, woo hoo! That’s fabulous! The only other thing I ever won in my life was a big blue cheese — and this is way better. Thanks, Library Boy, for the idea in the first place. Now is there a prize…?

  3. I think Michel-Adrien is the original ‘bush beater’ this time.

  4. Well done Steve. 60K visits ain’t bad so recognition is well deserved.

  5. The results probably tell us something about the US voters, too . (In addition to the probability that most of them were students or practitioners.)

    For example, unless I missed something, with the exception of The Volokh Conspiracy (and Slaw but, then, it’s not a US site), the sites that received votes focus on recent case law developments that might be important to practitioners, not jurisprudence writ large. It doesn’t appear that there were votes for blawgs such as

    http://jurist.law.pitt.edu/forum/ and the international offshoots

  6. I would have voted for you, especially if I knew that you were going to win.