Jai Hind – Welcome to Another Legal Information Institute

A note from the Gujarat papers informs us that at last week’s Law Day conference, the Indian Legal Information Institute was launched, with Dr. Manmohan Singh, the MS Prime Minister at the mouse.

A nice portal interface to Indian law, and some novel features, but the content doesn’t seem to be there.

In terms of statutes, the Indian Constitution (natch) and some Acts (selective and rather old) from the Centre. Very little from the State level – one from Kerala and nothing from Tamil Nadu, which was what I looked for first.

The court links are similarly spotty. Four district courts simply link to historical pages, with no judgments and the Supreme Court of India’s page is devoid of links to judgments.

An interesting feature is links to common law classics whose copyright has lapsed, but I couldn’t get chapters from Maine’s Ancient Law to load, though Holmes The Path of the Law was there as an MS Word file.

Keep an eye on it, but it’s no substitute for our other Indian legal research tools yet. And for current legal news.

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