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Archive for December 5th, 2006

Teaching Legal Research at the University of Toronto

At Dean Mayo Moran‘s prompting, the Faculty of Law at the University of Toronto is reconsidering how to teach legal research and writing to law students, with the goal of ensuring that graduates know how to find the law, and conduct effective legal research. That and food too

This is of course a perennial topic, raised every few years. No law school appears to have found the magic bullet, and if they had persuading a fiercely independent faculty to adopt change is always an interesting challenge.

I was struck that UofT is conducting this review at the same time . . . [more]

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Was the Paisley Snail in the Bottle?

Exploring the Advocates Library, I came across a remarkable archive that I hope will be familiar to every first year torts teacher: the records of what Scots Lawyers know as (Poor) Mrs Mary M’Alister or Donoghue, Pursuer (Appellant) v. David Stevenson, Defender (Respondent)The reference in the link is to the cover of the original pleadings

What becomes interesting is the wealth of social detail involved. The case was brought as an in pauperis proceeding, but that Latin abstraction doesn’t ring as the following does:

She averred that “I am very poor, and am not worth in all the world . . . [more]

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