Book Review – Kirsh’s Index to Canadian Construction Law Literature

Duncan W. Glaholt of Glaholt LLP has published a review of Kirsh’s Index to Canadian Construction Law Literature by Harvey J. Kirsh (Construction Law Letter, Volume 23, No.2, page 11). The book is scheduled to be available from Carswell at the end of this month.

Some excerpts:

There is no other national construction law bibliography at this point, here or elsewhere.

Not only is the Kirsh index devoted to our practice area, but has the rarest of all attributes in books of its type: it is something that you can actually use in your day-to-day practice.

Not only is Harvey Kirsh the foremost construction law editor in the country, he has led several of our construction law organizations, not the least of which is the Canadian College of Construction Lawyers.

The Kirsh index is organized into almost 200 separate subject matter headings, encompassing the work of over as many individual authors, many of them with dozens of excellent publications to their credit. Importantly, the Kirsh index references privately published conference papers as well as more traditional publications. Non-lawyers who have published relevant articles are also represented, which is another service available in no other publication that I am presently aware of. I was pleasantly surprised to see 39 separate full-length books cited, representing an intensity of scholarly activity in this area of law that is often overlooked.

In his review, Mr. Gaholt describes how he searched for similar information on the Web but was unable to find any comprehensive Internet resources. He discusses the long recognized specific need for such a bibliography by the industry not only in Canada but as documented in other parts of the world.

I thought this title was worth bringing to your attention because it appears to be unique and will be most welcomed by construction law lawyers. My construction law lawyers are eager to get their hands on it!


  1. All hail to Harvey, who has a Slaw connection since he was on the Advisory Board to Shepards Canadian Citations.
    But why is this news? The bibliography dates back to 1988, as far as I remember, and Oslers have published at least 2 editions.
    I direct all who are interested in this important area to the Laskin Library’s pathfinder.

  2. Yes, that pathfinder is definitely a model for all others!