Microsoft’s Answer to Google Book Search

Friday marks the scheduled release of a beta version of Live Search Books, which, like Google Book Search, will index and make searchable the full text of books in the public domain or subject to licensing deals.

“With this initial release we’ve focused on making the reading experience as natural as possible,” project director Cliff Guren blogged on the Microsoft website.

“The US beta launch of Live Search Books is a big step forward in advancing the way people discover information through the integration of content that has been off-limits to the traditional search experience, until now.”

What is interesting to lawyers is how the project has been designed around copyright laws.

For what it’s worth, a search for the two Simons – Simon Fodden and Simon Chester – came up blank on Microsoft, but yielded 3 hits for SF and 7 real hits for SC out of 34 on Google.

Advantage Google

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