QP LegalEze RSS

QP LegalEze, the “web-based subscription service providing access to the current laws of British Columbia”, has retooled their website, and launched its collection of RSS Feeds. Here’s what’s available:

Congratulations to everyone at QP, and thanks to Ken O’Connor for giving me a heads up. Next up, we want the changing text delivered by RSS, paragraph by paragraph! Oh well, I suppose I should be happy for small blessings. :-)


  1. Steven, QPLegaleze is a great database and I use it all the time. Two things about it that should be pointed out: it contains the most current version of BC legislation and is a chargeable database. The free version available on goverment websites and not as current and there is no direct link from CANLII to BC legislation. QP Legaleze is available through BC public libraries, but they pay a fee for it, following BC government cost-recovery mandates.

    There is a similar database in Alberta called QP Source Professional http://qpsource.gov.ab.ca.

  2. Neil – that’s great, if you’ve got daily needs for BC text, so that the subscription merits it.

    But for public – or occasional out-of-province – access, it’s still a barrier.

    We discussed the English situation some time back, but I am still unconvinced by cost-recovery arguments for allocating access to laws by ability to pay.