The Cost of Law Books – Another View – From Lagos

It’s great to find views that one would never have stumbled over.

Here is an intelligent discussion of how to provide legal information to Nigeria, the costs of legal information in Africa and the role of ITFor those who haven’t kept up a 419er is a fraudster peddling get rich schemes over the Internet in breach of section 419 of the Criminal Code – a reprise of the old Spanish Prisoner fraud.. And some good words for Butterworths Lexis Nexis – and Sweet and Maxwell too.

Books bake good lawyers


  1. Are you sure we don’t pay you Simon? Good stuff, as always.

    Must be my BC perspective, I was sure that ‘Books bake good lawyers’ was a typo on the word ‘books’. :-)

  2. Nope – if you follow the URL it does say “Books bake good lawyers”, that’s the only reason it was worth quoting.