The Friday Fillip

Something easy, today, somthing gently mindless. I’m pressed hard against a project deadline and need the escape, which, I’d guess, is not an uncommon (love that lawyer double neg) plight among Slawyers.

line_rider.pngThis is a game. Actually, as the maker says, it’s not a game because there’s no point to it: so it’s a toy. It’s a winter toy for those who, like me, prefer mental sports when it’s cold outside. But a toy even so, which is what I meant about mindless.

Now for the gentle part: it’s called Line Rider, because you take this little soul and his sled for a ride on a line that you draw. He (or she, as you wish) goes sailing down your hill, jouncing over moguls you’ve made because at the end of the week you’re vibrating a bit too much, and — if he’s unlucky — he’ll flip over and part company with his ride, each of them tumbling slowly down for ever and ever like objects in space.

Until you hit the stop button and the garbage can, to clear the way for you to send him on your way once more.

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  1. Procrastinating, were you?

    A University of Calgary professor has just explained the problem in “The Nature of Procrastination: A Meta-Analytic and Theoretical Review of Quintessential Self-Regulatory Failure.”

    The URL, for those who are inclined to put off until tomorrow looking for the paper today, is