Canadian Info-Bytes

Some recent notables from other Canadian law blogs:

(1) Michael Geist highlights the recent changes to Canada’s legal deposit regulations, and the administrative effect on LAC:

“As of January 1st of this year, the rules have changed yet again as Canadian Heritage Minister Bev Oda introduced new regulations to accommodate the emergence of online publications and to address the concerns raised by digital technologies that potentially impede access. The latest changes will require many online-only publishers to begin submitting their publications to the LAC. The rules disappointingly stop short of requiring all publishers to submit electronic versions of paper-based documents, however. Such a requirement should be considered in the future to facilitate the creation of a national digital library.”

(2) The BCCLS What’s New blog is noting that the Department of Justice has released a new version of the Consolidated Statutes and Regulations (the Justice Laws Web Site). Included in the update is an advanced search feature that allows the use of complex search patterns, including word proximity and wildcard operators. And most notably, using this advanced search feature offers point-in-time access for Federal Statutes (from Jan/03) and Regulations (from Mar/06).

(3) Allison Wolf at The Lawyer Coach Blog comments on the use of Associates in law firm marketing efforts.

(4) Melissa Kluger over at Precedent is noting Macera & Jarzyna’s page of Humorous Patents.

(5) Both Rob Hyndman and the Canadian Trademark Blog have posted on the new Apple iPhone. Rob’s thoughts are on the technology in general, and the chances of its success; while the CTB notes the trademark dispute with Cisco, and the current status of the iPhone trademark at CIPO.

(6) And finally, David Fraser notes the press release on Canada’s new Information Commissioner, Robert Marleau, and his first day on the job.

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