Google’s SearchMash


For a while now, Google has been testing out various ideas in a search engine of theirs called SearchMash. It’s got a lot of AJAX, so it’s quick to respond, and the funcitions on offer now seem quite practical. It might be worth making this your next-to-everyday Google.

Some of the features it offers:

  • click on a domain name in the results and see only results from that domain — which, for example, in a search for “slaw,” brings up a list of all of our posts and pages, some 3500 results;
  • use the “hide details” button and all of your results will be stripped of contexutual material to produce a results rich page
  • flip from a general web search to a search of the blogs (search term “slaw” coughed up the last three posts, barely an hour old), wikipedia, images etc.
  • and if you don’t see what you want at the bottom of the page, ask for “more web results” and they’ll appear with a speedy AJAX flourish

I’d be happier with an advanced search, but I can do the Boolean thing, sort of. And the various Google search delimiters seem to work fine. And if anyone can get it to respect my basic Google preferences, particularly a page of 100 results, I’d be truly happy.

For Firefox users, there’s a plugin that will let you place it in the list of search engines for the built-in search box on the upper right of the window.

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