Slice Is Nice

Slaw contributor Agnese Caruso has just started a personal blog called Slice of Life. (Once blogging gets under your skin, it’s hard to resist the impulse.) Looks like it’s going to be enjoyable.

Of interest, too, is that she’s chosen a blogging platform that’s new to me: Blogsome. Like the others — and Blogger in particular — it’s free and seems easy to use. What is different from Blogger is the ability to choose from among a wide variety of themes originally created for WordPress installations and to modify those to suit your sense of style. Worth considering if you’re looking for a platform.


  1. Nice start, Agnese!

    Blogsome is not actually a new platform. It is someone providing free hosting of WordPress blogs (which are open source). From the Welcome note in the forum:

    “Blogsome is the first website that we know of that is offering free hosting of WordPress Blogs with no advertising and which allows you to change your template – and you can set up your blog automatically within minutes.”

    My guess it is hosted out of Ireland, because they also have a similar hosting offer with the Irish extension .ie:

    Of course, WordPress blogs are also hosted for free via . If you want to host your own, go to .

  2. Simon and Connie: Thanks for checking it out. Its a work in progress so please keep visiting.
    Blogsome is very new to me too. I chose it because of this blog: . I also like the clean themes it offers. No complaints about it so far.

  3. Cool! I hadn’t seen Ellyssa Kroski’s blog before. Lots of great info there. I am going to the Computers in Libraries conference next week and she is slated to be there (see her CIL wiki page ) …I will have to keep an eye out for her.