Leg@l IT Live: Professors, Lawyers and Blogs

[this post is one of a series covering the Leg@l IT Conference]

Professor Simon Fodden – nice to see you blogging too Simon! :-) – is a well-known founder of the slaw community and recently launched another site for debate and data about the Supreme Court of Canada. He was the obvious choice to speak on the topic of blogging by law professors and judges.

When he stepped on the podium and began his presentation, Simon was very candid in sharing his views to the effect that professors are often too ponderons and lawyers are too careful when it comes to blogging: they miss the opportunity, and reality, of blogging as a medium for sharing views more candidly. “Blogging can be fun”, says Simon – “it allows people to formulate their thoughts and make them tangible”.

The audience was very interested when Professor Fodden demonstrated, live on the Internet, how easy it can be to create a blog by creating one on blogger. It only took a few minutes, and he was able to create a new blog, online and ready, using his gmail account. The best way to learn about blogs is to experiment, advice to the wiser…

Simon concluded by insisting on the importance of RSS feeds and predicted that the Supreme Court of Canada will offer RSS feeds at some point in the future for its decisions and for new content.

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