Blawg Review #105 Posted

It is posted! Blawg Review #105 is now available over at my blog. I wish I had time to add in some pretty visuals to help break it up, but it was already a monumental task:

  • I reviewed 60+ submitted posts, and wrote annotations for those included. To be fair, most people submitted comments which I cribbed from. But I still wanted to have a look at what I was linking to.
  • added about 6-8 of my own posts from blogs I read regularly.
  • ensured all links worked correctly. Some of the links broke when I copied everything from my text editor into my blog software, so I had to go through it a second time. If you find any broken links, please let me know!
  • catalogued each post according to Library of Congress schedule for K – Law. I am not a cataloguer so for most this meant looking at the classification scheme and comparing with books of a similar nature in the Library of Congress catalogue. No doubt most are at least somewhat imprecise. But I thought this would be a fun touch.
  • went through the whole post to ensure the formatting was consistent. I’m sure it’s not perfect. But therein lies madness…I am leaving it now unless obvious fatal errors appear.
  • In total, not including researching background on the UNESCO World Book and Copyright Day and the Library of Congress Classification Outline, this probably took about 10 hours over several days. Wow.

    Anyway, enough whinging. I hope you enjoy it, and that you discover some new blogs! There were some fantastic commentaries that came my way, and it was fascinating to explore all of them.

    So, who’s next? Who would like to be the host of the Blawg Review here at Slaw??? ;-)

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