Canada Post Are Using Their Noodle

Canada Post have made a few changes since the last time you bought stamps. Aside from the price going up by the usual cent a year, they have updated the process for the future. Ah! There is no longer a need to supplement last year’s stamp with those one cent stamps. They now have Permanent stamps (identified with a “P” rather than a monetary value). If you buy stamps this year and the price goes up next year, you continue to use those stamps without having to add any postage. This new scheme only applies to regular postage within Canada.

Brilliant! I got all excited when I bought the new stamps, thinking about the cost savings for Canada Post since they will be able to phase out those one-cent stamps. (Which is, I admit, kind of sad in a way). Plus how much time that will save me from having to buy one cent stamps. The postman thought I was a bit odd I’m sure when I started to expound about what a clever idea this was.

But I digress…the other big change is that you can now purchase stamps via the web! They are available in packets of 10 or rolls of 100. For collectors, they do still have the regular 52 cent stamps as well as priced stamps for posting larger packages and to other countries.

And before you run out to buy your one cent stamps to go with your 51 cent stamps, I found a wee note buried on this page saying that the 51 cent stamps will be honoured throughout 2007.

Wow! They are really using their noodle on this one.


  1. back in the ‘old’ days, i seem to recall (thanks to a dalliance with stamp collecting – early prep for librarianship ?) that CanPost tried this out with an ‘A’ on the stamps, i believe around the time that stamps were in the mid-teens (?). does anyone recall why this was discontinued ?

  2. This was also tried out in the mid-90’s; It was for Canada Day or the Flag or something. There was no denomination on the face and it kept its value after a rate increase. Oh – found it…

  3. Well, no one said they were necessarily nimble. Thank you for the link, Josh.