Yahoo in Microsoft’s Crosshairs

In an apparent admission that isn’t quite snapping at Google’s heels, the financial press are reporting that Microsoft has renewed discussions with Yahoo.

Yahoo’s shares are up 18% in early trading at $33.29, while Microsoft was down 1 per cent at $30.66.

Last year Yahoo turned down an offer from Microsoft to buy a stake in Yahoo’s search business.

Okay Slaw readers, is this the markets in pursuit of an easy story? When did any of you last use Yahoo to access information?

For the background see Business Week.


  1. I used it yesterday for the first time in, at least 2 years, because, for an unknown reason, I could not access Google while on my vpn…

  2. Yahoo pulls up different results than Google, so I often run searches on both. Also Yahoo owns Flickr and and I am on those sites all the time.

    Incidentally, last week I attended Third Wednesday, a regular new media PR event organized by Ottawa marketing group Thornley Fallis, and Hunter Madsen, in charge of marketing for Yahoo! Canada spoke. Yahoo are now more focused on bringing together social networks and conversations than providing a directory. Just haven’t had a chance to blog about it yet but hope to soon.


  3. I yahoo way more often than most people would imagine. They still are #2 in the search market, and the Yahoo directory can, on occasion, be a good source for niche link collections.

    I think what most people tend to forget is that Yahoo is more than search these days. Connie mentions Flickr and Upcoming above, but I also am dabbling with Yahoo Pipes, and they are the clear leader when it comes to website metrics in my books. Google killed their backlink tools, while the Yahoo Site Explorer tool has just gotten better.

    These days, Google’s brand mojo is simply fantastic (#1 in the world, just passed Coke…), and the search market is probably locked down for another couple years. I’d really hate for there to be only one player in town, and would like my 2 alternatives – yahoo & ask – to weather through. I’m not a huge fan of Yahoo search, but it’s better than a SE monopoly.