Salut À Notre Connie

This morning’s Post (yes it does actually arrive in a once daily delivery) brought Mélanie Raymond’s bright new edition of the Canadian Bar National. On page 9, Connie has a piece called “Too cool for school – Law firm legal research adapts to a new generation of studentsResearch geeks will note the reference to Fountains Of Wayne.

The Blog list looks familiar:

Consult these five blogs to stay on top of the legal research scene
in Canada: – A co-operative blog about Canadian legal research and IT, etc.
Connie Crosby Oft-cited blog by the Library Manager for WeirFoulds LLP in Toronto.
Library Boy Maintained by Michel-Adrien Sheppard, reference librarian at the Supreme Court of Canada.
Vancouver Law Librarian Blog Coverage includes KM, web development and law library management.
UBC Law Library Blog An initiative of the University of British Columbia Law Library.


  1. Someone must have rigged that list. ;-)

    Another well written article Connie. Congrats!

  2. You are both very kind. It is comforting to know that, even when I am away from web access and cannot post, I still manage to pop up in spirit on Slaw.


  3. Connie, I just picked up my copy today and had a quick look at your piece – and yours, Steve!. Very helpful and well-written, both of them. I definitely be taking a closer look as I try to come up with ideas to counter the “presumed boring” image I fear I will carry when I start our summer training season in the coming weeks. I just recently have come to the realization that incoming students just don’t see me as quite as “youthful”, hip, or tech-savvy as I’d like to think (or as they used to!). (Perhaps using words like “hip” doesn’t help.) I want to ensure to be able to engage on the right level and forestall a presumption that mine is the dreary, dusty old bookish part of the orientation…