CALL’s Wendy Reynolds has started a new blog for the knowledge management special interest group (I think that’s what SIG means), KM Librarians “A co-operative blog for members of the CALL KM SIG.”

Wendy says: “Interested in becoming a regular contributor? Get in touch with the SIG chairs Linda Matte and Wendy Reynolds, and we’ll hook you up.”


  1. SIG does mean “special interest group”. I’m not certain that the acronym originated with the old Compuserve forum (or it’s predecessor) but, if it didn’t, that’s where it took root, before people started calling the various areas forum(s) / fora.

  2. In this case it is not a web-based group, but a group that meets usually face to face and was created according to Canadian Association of Law Libraries (CALL) By law 11. The group has an annual business meeting to discuss issues of interest to the group, and puts on a session each year in the annual conference. The blog has been set up as a means of sharing information/communicating during the year between conferences, and for those who are unable to attend the annual conference (so that does beg the question whether it really is a face to face group).

    All of CALL’s SIGs are listed on their website. A SIG differs from a Committee in that it does not concern the business of the association itself, but instead reflects the personal or work interests of the members.

    The American Association of Law Libraries calls their groups Caucuses as does the Special Libraries Association. The Canadian Library Association has adopted the simpler name Interest Groups.