The Post-Friday Fillip … on Tuesday: Fun With Wills

Having happily agreed to post a Friday Fillip for Simon Fodden, I unexpectedly and blithely extended my May vacation thereby dropping the proverbial ball! Sorry, Simon! Hence, this Tuesday Friday Fillip … Fun with Wills!

If you haven’t already come across the unusual will of Charles Vance Millar, a lawyer, who must have been a pretty funny guy, read this. His 1926 will opens with the clause:

“This Will is necessarily uncommon and capricious because I have no dependents or near relations and no duty rests upon me to leave any property at my death and what I do leave is proof of my folly in gathering and retaining more than I required in my lifetime.”

Some of the clauses are very funny! Read more in this post by Paul Trudelle at the Toronto Estate Law Blog.

“Millar’s will set off significant litigation, with proceedings arising in relation to most of the clauses.”

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