Zoho Wiki

Slowly (not wiki wikiApparently meaning “quick” in Hawaiian.) wikis are making their way into legal lives, the clearest example perhaps being the new U.S. 7th Circuit Wiki that Agnese Caruso blogged about last week. If you’re thinking of getting your feet wet in the wiki-surf, you might consider Zoho’s new Wiki application.

Zoho has been adding new apps to its offerings at quite a rate, aiming to stay in the race with Google, Yahoo and all of the others competing for the online office suite market. I’ve found some of Zoho’s offerings to be simply adequate (their presentation application, for instance) and others to be remarkably good (Zoho Creator, for example, which lets you construct dynamic tables from a spreadsheet). I’m impressed with Zoho Wiki. The options are plentiful and clear, making it easy to use, and as always with a wiki the versioning makes cooperative work much easier.

I’ve created a really simple example for you to play with, if you’re interested. You should be able to get into SLAWiki (good name, huh?) at http://sla.wiki.zoho.com/HomePage.html and edit what you find. I’ll probably leave it open to the public for a bit and then close it off to Slawyers only.


  1. Simon, thanks for using Zoho (Wiki) and recommending us to your readers! We released a new product, the Zoho Notebook Beta today. Check it out at http://notebook.zoho.com

  2. Thanks for the heads up Arvind. I’d thought that Zoho Notebook was still in closed beta. I’ll blog on it later this week.