While I’m on search engines (see my prior post about Google’s universal search), I recommend that you take a look at hakia, a new search engine still in beta. It seems to be a project that began in Turkey and that now has its base in the U.S. It’s aiming for the higher end research market, it would appear:

hakia’s capabilities will appeal to all Web searchers – especially those engaged in research on knowledge intensive subjects, such as medicine, law, finance, science, and literature.

(This is the first time I’ve ever seen law mentioned as a target discipline for a search engine.)

There’s a page that lists the benefits hakia promises, and a section of the site (hakia-lab) that goes into great technical detail. You can also read a short interview with Riza Berkan, the mastermind behind haki. I suggest you run a search on cancer, as they suggest, to see their clustering at work. In fact, you can do it below, because I’ve thrown in their search box for fun (with fingers crossed that it doesn’t screw up the post in some browsers.)

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  1. looks awesome/promising – thanks for passing it along!