The Secrets to Sabrina’s Success

A piece in the Library Journal paid tribute to the ever-amazing Sabrina Pacifici who spoke at last year’s ALA Conference in Montréal. It reveals the secret that many of us had wondered about: granted that she’s a mover and shaker – how does she find the time.

The answer is that sleep is a foregone option.



  1. Great to put a face to the name: I’ve never had the chance to meet her, though, like so many people, she’s been a daily presence in my working life on the web.

  2. I was fortunate to have met her (briefly) several years back at her presentation at an SLA annual meeting – Minneapolis, I think. That was in the relatively early days of the venerable LLRX and pre-beSpacific. I agree; she is amazing. I am also amazed that LLRX is still out there regularly, and still free, including archives. Thanks for the post, Simon.

  3. This is comforting news for me – I often wonder whether my lack of sleep due to working on MedWorm int he night is detrimental to my health – but if Sabrina can do it, then so can I! (where there’s a will there’s a way!)

  4. Skating over into advertising, Frankie.

  5. Oh sorry, wasn’t my intention at all – just I liked reading about Sabrina and thought I’d let you know – please delete the post – or at least remove the mention to my site since I would hate people to think that.

  6. No sweat. We’ll leave things as they are.