Unconference: The Book

Unconference book cover

A new book on unconferences is being written collaboratively with the use of a wiki. Tentative table of contents:

  • Chapter #1 : What in the name of god is an un-conference
  • Chapter #2 : Un-conference – The drama without a stage
  • Chapter #3 : 10 easy steps to organizing an un-conference
  • Chapter #4 : Un-conferences – the various avatars ( Barcamps, Blogcamps, etc)
  • Chapter #5 : Open Space Un-Conferences
  • Chapter #6 : Un-conferences that really kicked ass
  • Chapter #7 : Profiles of prolific un-conferencers
  • Chapter #8 : Un-conferences: how they could all go completely wrong ( Humor – where not to use un-conferences)
  • Chapter #9 : Future Un-conferencers – The road ahead

The book is a project initiated in India. A press release is forthcoming, but in the meantime there is a note under the tab “Press“:

This is probably the first book from India to be published through a truly collaborative method. It does not have a single author. It is built by the knowledge of many people who contribute towards this book. And its entirely coordinated using the Internet and openly written on a wiki.

Authors, however, are not limited to India. From the FAQ

Is this a global project?

Yes. The contributors come from all over the world from varied backgrounds. Any person in any country is welcome to help.

Copyright is owned by “all of us” (I’m not sure if that is the global “all” or if they mean all contributors). It is given as rights being under Creative Commons, but there are no specifics on the details or link back to the CC website that I could find. Perhaps someone still needs to work on that aspect. They are looking to raise the equivalent of $9,000 U.S. to pay for the publication of the book, but it is not meant to be a money-making venture.


  1. A great follow-up to this post is over at Out of the Jungle, by Betsy McKenzie. See Introducing Unconferences.