Changes to Sources on Quicklaw to Be Identified

While I was at the CALL conference in May, Luc Meloche was very kind to introduce me to Stephanie Parisien, Manager, Customer Support for QL. I raised this issue to Stephanie.

Essentially, I had noticed a few changes had taken place to Sources on Quicklaw from August of last year to winter of this year. (I had named specific sources in a presentation in September that were no longer there by the same name in February). For example, in some cases Sources were renamed, and in other cases Sources were removed entirely (I suspected).

I asked Stephanie if it might be possible to notify users when changes are made to Sources on Quicklaw. As a result of our conversation, Stephanie sent me an email only days later indicating that from now on, any changes to Sources on Quicklaw will be noted in QL’s What’s New pages.

This should help us keep track a little better.


  1. This will be valuable, Annette. Good to see you posting over your own name finally. Welcome to Slaw!