RSS, BBC and Edits

When you change a post to a blog you’ll likely send out a repeat of the original feed for that item with your changes. In most RSS readers, that will show up as a duplication, I think. But in mine, at least, I have the option of making the edits visible in the original entry. So, it’s fun to see what an excerpt from a BBC news feed originally looked like (in red) and what the editor ultimately chose as replacement phrases (in blue). I wonder if it’s summer intern time at the Beeb.

US accused over ‘ghost detainees’
BBC News 07/06/07 4:46 AM Americas
Human rights organisations list groups ask the US to reveal the whereabouts of 39 “ghost detainees” they say have been people allegedly held in secret US detention centres.CIA-run prisons.


  1. To be fair, anyone who follows my blog will note most of the edits are done after I hit the publish button. And hit it, and hit it….

    It’s still pretty funny, but this black pot shouldn’t say so. :-)

  2. Ditto. I always find those typos and poor grammar *after* I hit the “publish” button!

  3. Could you tell us the name of your RSS Reader? I think I will install it to play that kind of game !
    Thank you

  4. Me? I make mistakes on top of mistakes, so I wasn’t really pointing fingers. Just interesting to see how editing changes things.

    My newsreader is the fabulous NetNewsWire, but it’s only for Mac users. It may be that the online companion to NNW, NewsGator, does something similar.

  5. It is great to be able to ‘fess up about spelling in posts. I feel like I have some deep dark secret that I have to erase when I spot my spelling mistakes. So do we agree that email, internet slang (TTYL, IMHO etc.) and the general informal mode of of digital communication has made us all wors-ted spellers?

  6. I think writing for the web (without an editor) has definitely made me more conscious of my spelling!