CanLII and URL Formation Revisited

Two months ago (to the day, as it happens) I noticed that in CanLII‘s new system when a search brought up a case there was no easy way to capture a tidy URL for it. Daniel Poulin took the time out of his undoubtedly busy schedule of road-testing the renovated facility to tell us that the matter would be fixed and a “human readable” URL, as he put it, made available. I’m happy, but not surprised, to report that it has indeed been fixed.

As before, my test search term was Hamilton v. Open Window Bakery, entered into box number two on CanLII’s search page. I chose the SCC case from the three possibles that resulted, which — again, as before — produced the case report with this URL:

But now there’s a link to the base URL for the case report, as you can see in this (slightly shrunken to fit) graphic:


Thanks, Daniel. And thanks to all the other great folks at CanLII.

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