Offshore Law Firm Doing Sophisticated Film Work

Over to Mysore, where the Economic Times reports that Smith Dornan Dehn (SDD) Global Solutions, a subsidiary business formed by SDD, a Manhattan-based international media and intellectual property firm, is working on providing legal research and script-vetting for major Hollywood productions. The resumes of the legal researchers are impressive.

Its clients include Elsevier, HBO, Sony Pictures Television, Twentieth Century Fox, Universal Pictures, MTV Networks, Channel Four TV (UK), and ABC apparently.

The litigation over Borat, the highest grossing comedy film in history ($300 million) is being handled out of Mysore. We are also doing legal planning for Universal Pictures movies. Two teams of 10 people each worked on a Sony Pictures project. We do things like where the film should be shot, best legal climate to shoot a film and so on.
We also do seminars for producers in the US via video conferencing from Mysore. We are doing legal research and insurance work for Al Pacino’s next film.


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