Conference: Law via the Internet

Lexum is hosting the 8th International Conference Law Via The Internet – Access to Law and the New Web Reality [français] in Montreal on October 25 and 26. You’ll notice that Slaw is listed as a friend of the conference. Indeed: CanLII is a great institution and the themes of the conference are dear to our hearts:

  • Free access to law: impact on emerging countries
  • The identity of legal doctrine in the Internet age
  • Legal blogs and wikis
  • Electronic libraries of law articles
  • The future of traditional legal doctrine in the Internet age.
  • Problems linked with proliferation of decisions
  • The roles of the state in free publication of law
  • Large-scale digitalization of archived legal documents
  • Legal issues involved in managing, producing and archiving electronic documents.
  • Electronic documents and the mechanics of justice
  • The issues involved in free publication of law

Even dearer still are the three Slawyers on the stellar list of speakers: Connie Crosby, Vincent Gautrais and Dominic Jaar. I’m hoping we can develop some creative ways that those of our readers who can’t attend can yet participate actively, so stay tuned for more on this.

You can register here.

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