Laser Dust

We’ve talked briefly about paper for the paperless office, and now it’s printers that are in the news. “Particle Emission Characteristics of Office Printers,” by Congrong He, Lidia Morawska, and Len Taplin in Environmental Science & Technology [abstract], has kicked up a dust storm because of its finding that 40% of printers studied emitted particles when printing, 27% being “high emitters.” The particles are small and can find their way into your alveoli, apparently, from where they may enter the bloodstream.

Digital Koans has a good overview and citations to a number of online articles and reports.


  1. Elizabeth Ellis

    Here’s anotherr comment on the original study –…..r-air.html
    My initial reaction (as someone who sits two feet from my HP laser printer) was concern. As I read more on the issue, I’ve decided to wait before I move the printer

    What I find most interesting about this particular issue is the way that the web has reacted. I wonder how many blogs (like this one) now have a series of posts on laser printers, and how many “hits” a search for laser printers and particles would now generate.