Lawyers Using LinkedIn?

Do you or any of the lawyers in your firm use LinkedIn as an effective business development tool? Please send them over to this question posted by Janet Ellen Raasch, who frequently writes articles for the CBA National, to share their experiences.

Janet is looking for responses from Canadian lawyers in particular, and any help would be much appreciated!


  1. Here is my answer:

    Janet, I am a Canadian in-house counsel and even if I am not seeking to develop business, I use Linkedin for a number of reasons that would be good to do so.

    (1) I often search for Linkedin members by business names and domain types. I mostly do that to identify expertise in certain domain when I need a court expert. This clearly shows that, on the other hand, an expert seeking to develop his business would benefit from business by being on Linkedin (or any equivalent tool). Moreover, as Lloyd wrote, “I [also] have made new and useful contacts in this way” and in turn, these contacts have been able to provide me with extra contacts who were the experts I was looking for.

    (2) having the Linkedin add-in for Outlook, I am notified of all my contacts who are/or are not on Linkedin. This helps me enlarge my contact list by accessing my network’s contacts. Moreover, it reminds me of the last time I contacted someone. This feature can prove very useful to maintain a high quality service and to show you care about your client.

    If I ever go back to private practice, Linkedin is going to be one of my business development and maintenance, and marketing tool.