Heat Maps and Confetti

Ever wanted to know which links users are drawn to on your website?

For the past week, I’ve been testing out Crazyegg.com, which will track site visitors and clicks with a tiny snippet of code in your website template. The free subscription for this site offers up to 6000 page impressions, and creates a series of visual maps to represent the most dominant linking patterns on your site.

The results can be displayed as a ‘heat map’:

Or as ‘confetti’:

Want to try yourself? Please feel free to use my temporary login for the VLLB test (user: steve@stemlegal.com; pw: slaw)


  1. I think that Jakob Neilsen has written about the ineffectiveness of these heat maps, but I find them fun too.

  2. I note there are no clicks on your RSS feed logo. Perhaps you haven’t had it running long enough to capture them…

  3. Michael – yes, just fun. For me, they confirm if clicks are going where you want them, as designed. And not where they could go if things were done differently. … will confirm your mistakes. …. And don’t get me going on Mr. ‘I can’t be bothered to design my own website’ Neilsen.

    Connie – Yes, only tested for a couple hours when the screen captures were taken..

  4. LOL! I’ve always thought that about Neilsen, too.