Looking at Facebook Again

My friends tell me I’m a Facebook addict. Yes, I’m on Facebook often (I’m not going to define often), but I’m still amazed at how easy Facebook makes it for me to quickly share information (photos, plans, comments, thoughts, links, etc) with my friends. And its applications also make it very easy for me to personalize my space and make it unique. How great would all this be in your organization? Think of your friends on Facebook as your colleagues and your profile page as your desk at work. Imagine the groups on Facebook as your firm’s various departments and committees, and the events as the conferences/luncheons/meetings being held in your organization. Many organizations are already thinking along the same lines. The Financial Times has an article discussing how the US intelligence agencies are launching “A-Space”, an internal communications tool modelled on Facebook and MySpace.

If you had a tool like Facebook in your organization, how much easier would it be for you to find the groups or people that have the information you need to do your job more efficiently?

Thanks to Angela for pointing out the FT article.


  1. You give some really good examples of social networking applications in the workplace.

    The sheer fact that Facebook has opened up it’s API to developers opens the door for integrating business tools within the Facebook Platform. The number of Facebook applications are growing at a phenomenal rate! (How many hours have you spent browsing the applications page?)

    Facebook applications include: to-do lists, calendars, file and link sharing, instant messaging, social bookmarking tools (i.e. del.icio.us), RSS feed sharing (i.e. Google Reader), and even the ability to search library catalogues.

    “A-Space” is a good example of how employers can exploit social network applications to drive their business strategies and share information amongst employees.

    We are just starting to touch the tip of the iceberg in terms of what is possible with social networks in the workplace!

  2. Yes, exactly! These are exciting times!

  3. Social networking to me = the latest fun in IT/geek fashion. And I am a (French) geek myself.

    Why this irony ? Because, roughly as I wrote in a previous comment here, there are only 24 hours in a day. Also because you get so much more info and dedication and loyalty by simply calling the person(s) or meeting her/him/them in the real world. At least, that’s my 15 year experience in law librarianship, relations with publishers and not-for-profit organisations.