The Friday Fillip

Never let it be said that your intrepid reporter doesn’t dig deep enough for the story — even if, as in this case, he digs by proxy. What you are looking at (click on the image to see a larger version) is the drainage system that lies somewhere beneath the Supreme Court of Canada. This photo and many others of drains elsewhere beneath this fair land are the work of Andrew Emond and are gathered together in a subset, Underground, of his site Worksongs.

And just in case you think that Mr. Emond has a unique interest, I’m here to tell you that Canadian drains feature large on the web. For armchair spelunkers, so to speak, the best place to start is with an interview in BLDG BLOG, an architecture blog, with Michael Cook, the dean of urban explorers. It’s a fascinating piece richly illustrated with Cook’s pics of Toronto’s sewers.

Now I know what you’re thinking: all Toronto, all the time. ((Yes, I know the SCC is not in Toronto, not physically at least.)) Well drain-lovers from elsewhere, you have a treat in store. The following links will take you to photos of sewers beneath your favorite Canadian city.

It’s often said that people who spend time in the virtual world neglect the “real” world. Now you can see how much of that “real” world is simply on the surface and neglectful of the marvelous and necessary structures that lie below.


  1. Some of us who work in private law areas sometimes wonder wonder where the SCC is at the best of times, not just physically [g]