Slaw Error Message

Some of you may have encountered this ugly message instead of the Slaw you were expecting:

It seems that we’re a victim of our own growth in popularity, and the more readers we have who are commenting or otherwise asking Slaw’s php scripts to do their thing, the more we encroach on cpu limits we didn’t even know we had. I took steps last week, when this began to happen in earnest, to upgrade us to a server at our host, Bluehost, that gives us something like three times the cpu capacity. We’re on their list and I’ve been bugging them to get it done, but they tell me it might take another week.

Oh, and when it does happen there will be a period of perhaps eight hours downtime. I’ve asked that it be scheduled during the night, so I hope that there’s a minimum of disruption. Please bear with us as we get that little bit closer to the big leagues.


  1. A lot of people are telling me SLAW has become their “must-read” blog. It is quite an honour! Thank you for letting all of us know, Simon. I suppose it is a good problem to have.