Video Phones at Fraser Milner

In an article in TQ, the Globe and Mail’s quarterly biz-tech glossy insert, David Komaromi, technical services manager at Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP, talks about the new internet phone system the firm has introduced. He says,

[I]t’s the video that’s the killer app. Practising law is about communication, and video on the desktop makes communication all that more clear.

It turns out that one of the ways in which video clarifies things has to do with the fact that, in Komaromi’s words, “There’s no place to hide,” and so you have to pay attention, or appear to at least.


And that just about explains why video phones, which have been around for nearly half a century, have never caught on. There goes multi-tasking, fiddling with that hangnail, miming a second conversation with the person beside you… That and the fact that you might get caught with curlers in your hair, or the modern equivalent, whatever that may be — your tie askew, perhaps, or bagel crumbs in your beard.

I’m interested in seeing how this — I can’t call it an experiment — arrangement plays out, whether there are video phones in active use at Fraser’s three years from now, whether other firms adopt the technology. What’s your take? Want to see and be seen?

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