New Slaw Search Function – Again

You may have noticed that the Google Custom Search box is gone and a new search funtion is in its place. Searching in WordPress blogs has always been a problem, for some reason, and while Google Custom Search was better than the built-in WordPress search function, it had its serious limitations: it would show comments as XML, and it threw up a great many duplicates and category pages full of irrelevant posts.

I’m trying a plugin, Search Unleashed, that would seem to offer pretty much all we might want. It searches titles, post content, comments and authors of these. It highlights search terms in the results page, which shows excerpts of the material surrounding found terms. And it accepts a number of search options: * is a wildcard, surrounding a phrase in quotes searches for that phrase, + and – dictate inclusion and exclusion respectively, and AND dictates inclusion of conjoined terms.

As always there will be problems. Please do let me know if you encounter any of these.

Happy searching!

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