The Friday Fillip

Nothing remotely serious today. Which means a game.

Bloxorz is a game for those who like spatial puzzles. Essentially, you move a block around with the arrow keys until, by the right combination of flips and flops, you cause it to drop down the target hole. Make a mistake and your block falls off the edge of the universe. In case this all sounds way too simple for you, let me tell you that there are 35 stages you can be led through, involving hard bridges, soft bridges… But never fear, there are also highly detailed instructions — which some of you will skip, I’m certain.

There’s also sound. I like the clink and clack sounds that the block (of stone, surely) makes as it hits the tiles. But if you’re playing this at work, and if anyone else is trying to work near you, you may wish to mute the sound.

Happy flip flop flyin’.


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