Little Brother Will Watch You

I recently posted about the Privacy Commissioner’s concern over Google Street View and its ability to catch identifiable people unawares as it snaps the low level environs. Of greater concern, I think, should be the abililty of security forces to watch us from the various cameras at their disposal. We all know about the CCTV cameras made so infamous in Britain. Now there’s an effective, affordable, and nearly silent eye in the sky to worry about.

A piece on the Wired website talks about a small drone helicopter being tested by British police that is capable of photographing pretty much whatever the police want, provided, of course, it happens out of doors and is cogent from above. The thing, however, can also hover outside a window, so drawing the blinds becomes more necessary than ever.

I don’t think the sky is falling on us just yet, but it’s less of a safe space than it once was. Take a look for yourself and see what I mean: There’s a movie by the German company that makes it, showing it do its Tinkerbell-in-boots thing.


  1. Scary…very scary…The Brits seem to be really leading the pack when it comes to Big Brother like actions. I wonder when they will publish Google Street View?