New Blog From HeinOnline

The folks at William S. Hein have launched a new blog talking about their popular web-based service HeinOnline. The blog is called, appropriately enough, HeinOnline Weblog, and can be found at

Hein have been very good at sending out updates to customers via email; however, for new subscribers or non-subscribers, there is no access to previous messages. Now they seem to be posting these notes to this blog for everyone, which will be helpful. Also, subscribers won’t have to save up past messages.


  1. Hein Marketing Department

    Please disregard the links above. If you go to “Whats New” then “History of New Content” from our home page at, you will see two links:

    Content and enhancements released prior to April 2007

    Content and enhancements released in April 2007 and thereafter.

    Please use these links to view the previously sent messages.

  2. Terrific! Thanks so much for letting us know. So, then, I’m curious what the purpose of the new blog will be?


  3. Seriously – why a blogspot blog? I’d think that they’d put together a WordPress or MT site and put on their own domain. Better branding, more control, better SEO.

  4. Noting my own mistake in starting the VLLB on blogspot, I’d agree with Jordan. I cringe when I see a company blog on blogspot.

    And yes, if I didn’t have 15k incoming links, I’d bolt in a minute.