Friedmann to Integreon

Regular Slaw readers will recall that whenever we’ve talked about the outsourcing phenomenon, we’ve directed people to an extraordinary blog by our friend Ron Friedmann in DC.

Today Integreon, the global BPO operation, has announced Ron’s appointment as Senior V-P.

Integreon is already asking North American law students whether they want to work abroad as an intern.

Offshore internships for US, South American, European and Chinese law school and business school graduates

The Integreon Offshore Internship provides exposure for recent graduates of US, South American, European and Chinese law schools and business schools to business intelligence, research and analytics and legal services at one of Integreon’s offshore locations. Interns from our program report they have found the experience working offshore, performing higher end work than their peers who have followed traditional internships during the same period, to be a unique differentiator on their resume or CV.

You will work with multi-national corporate legal departments and law firms to provide contract drafting, due diligence, contract management, electronic discovery and litigation document review services

We’ll follow the blog on the outsourcing of legal services with even more interest now.

Ron F

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