Binary Law on Slaw Et Al.: “Simply the Best”

Slaw is proud to appear, along with five other great blogs, in Binary Law’s list of “6 top legal info and legal web marketing blogs.” Tagged in one of those “top ten xxx” memes, Nick Holmes, the doyen of Binary Law, chose half a dozen blogs from his blogroll:

Thanks, Nick. It’s good company you’ve put us in.


  1. Nick followed up with another post, rounding out his top-10 with:

    Family Lore
    Nearly Legal
    Corporate Blawg UK

    Good company indeed. :-)

  2. We appeared on the 16th iteration of the meme, so we are simply (one of) the (160) best! Still that must put us in the top 10%, assuming there are at least 1600 Blawgs out there, and it looks like there are considerably more than that:

  3. It all depends, Michael, on who is doing the choosing. I’d say we’re high on Nick’s list, which is the best way to think about it. The meme was merely “your top ten,” I think, and not the top ten legal information sites. Then there’s the fact that the person before him picked just English sites, I think, so you’d have to exclude all those because we weren’t in that person’s running… and from before him all the prior site-picks concered with cooking, hiking, news from Iran and building model butterflies…

    I’ll go with praise from Nick Holmes.